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Grafted vegetables

Grafted vegetables

Grafted vegetable - plants with unique characteristics

Powerful growth and higher crop than regular plants
Resistance to soil diseases, mildew etc.
Always first-class and very tasty varieties

Grafted tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, melons and aubergines are used not only for professional growing but also in hobby gardening. Grafting refines high-quality varieties so that they are vivacious and disease-resistant.

Grafted vegetable has many advantages because whether grown in a greenhouse or in open beds, grafted vegetable grows faster, better and is naturally protected against some pests and serious diseases. Fruits are harvested for longer period of time, are of higher quality and the crop is significantly higher than in regular plants.

Another very important characteristic is a fact that grafted vegetable manages to provide more stalks with nutrients. It means there can be two or three stalks on one plant, from which you'll harvest many tasty fruits. This is favourable especially on terraces and balconies where there's lack of space for more plants.

Grafted vegetable is offered every April and May.

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